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But will government deliver for construction workers?

09 Jul 2009, By

Great news, it appears that someone at ministerial level may finally be listening to what construction workers and their union leaders have been saying for years – that construction work is deadly business and that protection for workers comes from having active, recognised trade unions on site. Yesterday saw the publication of the DWP commissioned report ‘One…

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Unions miss the sampan

12 May 2009, By

Yesterday’s excellent TUC and Union Ideas Seminar on China, its impact on the world economy and the trade union response, was slightly marred by how few trade unions were represented. The clear message from the seminar was that to view China as a monolithic state, with a dreadful record on human rights, was over-simplistic. China,…

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Should unions be getting on that slow boat to China?

07 May 2009, By

I’m part of the team putting on a major seminar on the impact of China on the world economy and what the union response should be. The seminar is here at Congress House next Monday, 11 May. The seminar is a collaboration between the Union Ideas Network and the TUC’s European and International Relations Department.…

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Not so sweet Nestlé

23 Feb 2009, By

I saw the headline “Nestlé Hong Kong: Strike action wins dramatic step-down from management” on the IUF website today and thought I would look a little deeper. It seems that the Hong Kong Nestlé workers took strike action at 6.30 am last Saturday morning to force the reinstatement of their suspended union president. Within five…

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Obama web techniques could put unions in a spin!

16 Feb 2009, By

Just a ‘heads-up’ on a Unions21 conference taking place tomorrow, Tuesday 17th February, at the NASUWT’s Greater London Regional office in EC1. The conference will be discussing the use of the internet and similar media in the successful Obama campaign last year and what lessons unions here could learn from it. TUC’s own web guru…

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Cape wine workers paid less than £4 a day

13 Feb 2009, By

Some of you may have seen this story in the papers today about the appalling conditions that South African workers are subject to by some in the wine producing sector. As someone known to like a drop of red wine with his blood-red steak and salad, and wine consumption is on the up in the…

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Union Provides Confidence Boost!

13 Feb 2009, By

Here’s another of one of my occassional stories about how being a part of the union and getting active has changed peoples’ lives. Let union members know of these inspirational stories as part of your union or branch development and help change good members into great activists. Please let me know of any similar stories you may have…

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