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Venezuela on map

USA & right-wingers: looking for regime change in Venezuela?

14 Mar 2016, By Guest

Last week, Venezuela’s right-wing opposition launched a new campaign to remove President Nicolas Maduro from power, including by calling for his immediate resignation. The last campaign to oust the elected, constitutional President led to a wave of violence in 2014. “We call on the entire Venezuelan people in order to force Maduro to resign as…

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Fast food restaurants

US fast food workers get a legal boost

28 Aug 2015, By Guest

A ruling this week in the USA by the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has given a boost to unions, and the ‘alt.unions’ who are trying to build union organisation in the US fast food industry. The ruling, in theory, should make it easier for these unions to negotiate on behalf of workers at fast-food…

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Nissan logo

Nissan reject mediation over harassment of US trade unionists

04 Feb 2015, By Guest

Nissan, the global automotive company, has refused an offer by the US government to mediate in the long standing union recognition dispute in Canton, Mississippi, issuing blanket denials of wrongdoing and invoking bizarre interpretations of US labour law to justify its stubbornness. Unions are seeking international support to push the company – which elsewhere in…

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Fast-food workers scent justice in fight with franchises

30 Dec 2014, By Guest

In a ruling that has given US unions a significant boost, the US National Labor Relations Board has ruled that McDonald’s (and other fast food outlets) are a “joint employer” of workers at its franchise restaurants. An investigation found that McDonald’s, through its franchise arrangements “engages in sufficient control over its franchisees operations, beyond protection…

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USW solidarity

Glencore: unions protest at mining multinational’s misdemeanours

10 Dec 2014, By Guest

This week Unite will be joined by representatives of the United Steelworkers from the USA who have been locked out by their company Sherwin Alumina, in Gregory, Texas. Their company is owned by global mining and commodities corporation Glencore. As part of Workers Uniting (the global union formed by Unite and the USW), we will…

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