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NXP microcontrollers

iPhone chip supplier busting unions in Philippines

12 Sep 2014, By Guest

With all the hoopla surrounding Apple’s launch of the new iPhone 6 this week, one story I doubt you’ll read about in the media is that one of Apple’s suppliers is involved in a major union busting campaign in the Philippines. Apple supplier NXP, based in a special economic zone at Cabuyao near Manila, on 5th…

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First fast food union conference in USA supersizes

28 Jul 2014, By Guest

The first ever convention of fast food strikers who have formed “alt.unions” in the USA took place this weekend in the Elmhurst suburb of Chicago, Illinois. The phenonomen of alt.unions – where groups of workers form their own unions in fast food restaurants and other low wage jobs and launch demonstrations and strike action –…

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McDonalds Oakland protest

McDonald’s accused of firing pro-union workers

22 Jul 2014, By Guest

Once again the fast-food restaurant giant is under investigation by the USA’s National Labour Relations Board for allegedly firing workers for pro-union activity. Through a Freedom of Information Act, Bloomberg News secured documents which purport to show that McDonald’s fired nine New York area workers between November 2012 and April 2014 for joining unions and helping…

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Union busting in Mexico continues

28 Jun 2014, By Guest

Once again we have seen the ugly face of union busting and the imposition of a ‘yellow union’ on a Mexican workforce demanding change, better pay and recognition of their chosen union. CB&I Matamoros sacked 350 workers after they went on strike on 3 June demanding better working conditions and representation by the metals and…

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Something missing at Nissan USA

08 May 2014, By Guest

The President of the USA’s giant United Auto Workers, Bob King, was in London recently to meet with Unite’s National Automotive Committee. He spoke about how the UAW, along with the global union federation IndustriALL, has asked the US State Department for help over a claim that Nissan in Canton, Mississippi is violating the rights of workers to…

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memorial wall

Mexican mineworkers’ leader to campaign on mine tragedy

24 Feb 2014, By Guest

The exiled President of the Mexican Mining and Metalworkers Union (Los Mineros) Napoleon Gomez has launched a campaign to bring to the attention of the public the tragic events that happened eight years ago at the Pasta de Conchos mine, taking the lives of 65 miners whose bodies remain unrecovered. Retold in his book Collapse…

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