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Working time: the week’s battleground

18 Jan 2013, By Guest

Even though David Cameron had to cancel his controversial speech on how he intends to lead the UK sleepwalking to the EU exit door, the Tory ‘Fresh Start Group’ nailed its colours to the mast by naming two important pieces of employment protection it wants to scrap – the Working Time Regulations and the Temporary…

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Anti-union fight in Michigan: Robert Reich and Martin Luther King

18 Dec 2012, By Guest

The battle is raging in the USA between unions on the one hand and big corporations and the Republican Party on the other. Stung by Obama’s Presidential success and the role unions such as the Steelworkers and Autoworkers played in helping Obama win, big business and the Republicans are introducing  notorious ‘right to work’ laws in bid…

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Labor for Obama 2012

Obama: Was it the unions what won it?

08 Nov 2012, By Guest

US unions are rightly claiming significant credit for the resounding election win by Barak Obama. The AFLCIO, in the form of its barnstorming president Rich Trumka, said that the swing states of Ohio, Wisconsin and Nevada were won through “union field operations”. “We did deliver those states. I think without the efforts of organised labour,…

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Help Mexican unions under attack

28 Oct 2012, By Guest

The TUC and UK unions have been campaigning to support  Mexican unions who are under attack from companies and the Mexican government. United Steelworkers International Director Ben Davis explains what is happening in Mexico in this video.

Green jobs: taking the argument further

27 Oct 2012, By Guest

Based on a speech I gave at the TUC’s Climate Change Conference on 23 October at Congress House in London. Over the past three years the TUC, along with the Energy Intensive Users Group has produced three joint studies into the impact of “green and climate change policies” on the UK economy and specifically on…

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Employers behaving badly down Mexico way

21 Oct 2012, By Guest

Ever noticed that people who play nice at home sometimes play dirty when they’re away, and think no one can see? Employers in Mexico, in league with the government, continue their attacks on independent unions unabated, imposing company unions that act like puppets of management and fail to represent workers properly. This week, two companies…

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More attacks on independent unions in Mexico

22 Sep 2012, By Guest

IndustriALL Global Union and the Tri-National Solidarity Alliance (TNSA) – which covers Canada, Mexico and the USA – are leading opposition to significant labour law reforms being fast-tracked through the Mexican parliament. The legislation would increase the serious obstacles already facing workers and democratic, independent trade unions in Mexico. IndustriALL have produced a model letter to send to Mexican…

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