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Weakening collective bargaining hurts recovery says ILO

17 Sep 2012, By Guest

A new report from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) says that weakening or decentralising collective bargaining arrangements – as some countries have done during the economic crisis and others did beforehand – is likely to lead to more wage inequalities and social instability. Trade unions in the UK have long argued the case for sectoral and…

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UNITE Bitter King campaign image

New Zealand union takes on “Bitter King” and wins

07 Sep 2012, By Guest

A high profile dispute between the New Zealand union Unite and Burger King, has been settled – with the union saying that it was ‘very pleased with the outcome’. The union’s strategy, which included demonstrations outside the fast food giant’s sites and re-branding BK as “Bitter King”, showed that management attempts to deny workers the voice a…

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Social dialogue: A better way to respond to the crisis?

26 Jul 2012, By Guest

As a number of EU countries drive through ever more severe austerity measures the pressure is growing for governments to adopt alternatives. One such alternative is social dialogue. This is one of the cornerstones of social Europe and involves employers, workers and their unions (and, in tripartite structures, also public authorities) in discussions and negotiations…

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Working Time Ruling – Sick Leave

13 Jul 2012, By Guest

In a little publicised ruling from the European Court of Justice, workers who fall ill during their annual leave will now be entitled to reclaim back those days of annual leave for use at another time. The recent ECJ ruling states that if a member of staff is taken ill whilst on annual leave that such…

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Zukunft und Perspektiven fuer die junge Generation

Much to learn from Germany on industry and skills

01 May 2012, By Guest

Last week I was one of a number of trade union officials and shop stewards who took part in a visit to Germany to look at training and skills. We went with Skills Minister John Hayes MP and representatives of BIS and the UK Commission For Employment and Skills. The delegation visited the Siemens plant in…

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