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Rights at work

How many legs does a horse have, if you call its tail a leg?

03 Nov 2016, By Guest

Answer: Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one! On 8 July 2015, George Osborne – then Chancellor of the Exchequer – dropped a budget speech bombshell: the introduction of a statutory living wage. For one brief moment it felt like the world had turned upside down. A Tory Government introducing a legally-backed…

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Sexual harassment is no laughing matter

10 Aug 2016, By

For anyone who thinks that sexual harassment has been consigned to the past – a relic of the days of Benny Hill and Carry On films – new research from the TUC on sexual harassment in the workplace will come as a nasty surprise. TUC polling carried out earlier this year found that over half…

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5 ways to combat racism in the workplace

08 Aug 2016, By

Due to the rise of racism since the EU referendum, the TUC is calling on the government to take real and immediate action to make our communities safer and more respectful for everyone. We’ve published an action plan with the practical steps we need to challenge racism and released guidance for union reps and activists to tackle racism…

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Standing together against this rise in prejudice

13 Jul 2016, By

Over 3,000 people reported hate crimes to the police in the weeks around the EU referendum. That’s an increase of nearly 60%. We can only assume that many more crimes went unreported. Racism in Britain had never gone away, but some seem to have decided to take the Leave vote as a validation of their…

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What next after the Brexit vote? Defend workers’ rights

25 Jun 2016, By

Many people are asking what they can do next, after the UK voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union. The TUC doesn’t think that we can or should challenge the result of the referendum. We would have rejected the arguments Nigel Farage was clearly building up to when he thought Leave would lose about the…

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The sort of company the UK shouldn’t want to keep at the ILO

02 Jun 2016, By

The annual conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) is taking place during the first half of June in Geneva, and the TUC’s delegate Stephen Russell has already blogged on the key issue of the conference – the rules governing global supply chains. But there is another, rather more domestic issue on the agenda: the…

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EU referendum campaign: hearing from women at last

27 May 2016, By

Over the last week, a new group of voters has risen to some sort of prominence in the EU referendum campaign, despite previously being pretty much ignored in the coverage of the increasingly febrile debate. Nearly a century after we first got the vote in UK parliamentary elections, women started to be noticed in the…

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