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Union futures

Solving the IMF’s concerns about stronger unions

22 Jul 2015, By

I have blogged at Touchstone about this week’s bombshell news from the International Monetary Fund that declining unionisation leads to ballooning inequality (which the IMF accepts is damaging to economic growth) and rampaging top people’s pay. Readers of Stronger Unions might have assumed this finding would have led to the IMF proposing mass unionisation drives and the…

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Trumka plans to revive US unions

11 Aug 2013, By Guest

At the coming convention of the US trade union body, the AFL-CIO, (the US equivalent of the British TUC) to be held in Los Angeles (September 8-11) the charismatic Richard Trumka who is the President of the AFLCIO is aiming to push through significant changes to the organisation which he hopes will revive the fortunes…

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US unions: the latest youth craze?

10 Jul 2013, By

Well, they’re not in Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga’s league yet, but Harold Meyerson’s analysis of recent opinion poll data on the popularity of unions suggests some interesting demographic trends. He’s surely right that the overall popularity of unions recovering to pre-crash levels of just above 50% is nothing special. Indeed I’ve always been a…

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Crowdsourcing workers show signs of organising

10 Apr 2013, By

Crowdsourcing is a form of working made possible by the internet. It means getting work or funding from a large group of people, usually from the online community. The basic idea is to use the skills, ideas and participation of a large group of people to help build products or content. People can work flexibly…

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Now more than ever, young workers need unions to need them

07 Feb 2013, By

The statistic that usually troubles me the most when the trade union membership stats are published each year is the one for density amongst young workers (those aged between 16 and 24). Last year the figure was 8%. There are many reasons why membership amongst this group of workers – some of the poorest paid…

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Social dialogue: A better way to respond to the crisis?

26 Jul 2012, By Guest

As a number of EU countries drive through ever more severe austerity measures the pressure is growing for governments to adopt alternatives. One such alternative is social dialogue. This is one of the cornerstones of social Europe and involves employers, workers and their unions (and, in tripartite structures, also public authorities) in discussions and negotiations…

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