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Organising using health and safety just got easier

17 Jan 2017, By

There is a brand new resource available from today for anyone who wants to consider how to make their workplace safer through building a strong union. Last year the TUC published a guide to organising and health and safety. It gave simple, straightforward advice to help you use health and safety arguments to achieve an…

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Protecting apprentices in the workplace

16 Jul 2015, By

In January 2013, a 16 year old engineering apprentice, Cameron Minshull, tragically lost his life after becoming entangled in a lathe.  Prosecutors in Cameron’s case alleged that his employer used apprentices as “cheap labour”, had a history of failing to train them properly and had a “grossly unsafe” system of work.  Yesterday, the employer was…

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VIDEO: Leadership and management in unions

19 Nov 2014, By Guest

What makes for successful leader or manager within a union?  Our brand new Leadership and Management course gives union officers the skills and knowledge needed to help run successful union campaigns, departments or strategic drives.  For more info, click here, or for a little taster, see our new video below. We also still have a…

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VIDEO: Professional Development for union officers

20 Aug 2014, By Guest

Professional development.  Often overlooked due to casework deadlines, campaign actions and the general day to day work of being a union officer. But it is important for union officers to continue professional development as part of building union capacity.

Three challenges facing union learning

17 Jun 2014, By

The TUC’s work on learning is the trade union movement at its best – positive, progressive, and popular. Union learning is focused firmly on the future and on making our economy stronger and more productive, but for all the progress we have made we still have a mountain to climb. Amongst the many challenges facing…

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When it comes to skills, Britain needs to do better.

28 Oct 2013, By

Our current laissez faire approach to skills – leaving employers to their own devices – simply isn’t fit for purpose. If this country is to thrive in tomorrow’s global economy and if we are to build a fairer and more equal society, then we have to change. Although there may be a few welcome signs…

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TUC Organising Academy 2012-13

12 Jul 2012, By Guest

I am pleased to announce the release of the TUC Organising Academy’s programme of courses for 2012-13. Renewing our partnership with Ruskin College, we are delivering a range of courses which support increasing the capacity of unions to be strong, effective and campaigning organisations.