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TUC joins calls for new elections in Brazil as illegitimate government tramples democracy

01 Sep 2017, By

As Brazil’s CUT trade union confederation was meeting in the industrial capital of Sao Paolo, the TUC has called for new elections as the unelected government of Michel Temer continues its slash-and-burn of the country’s social protections.  In a letter published in yesterday’s Guardian, also signed by senior British trade unionists, politicians and campaigners, the…

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Britain Still Needs A Pay Rise

07 Jun 2017, By

Over the past week, the TUC has been out across the country with one simple message – Britain Still Needs A Pay Rise. We’ve been driving around constituencies and stopping in town centres to talk to the wider public. This is a big election issue; what will politicians do for those whose pay has not…

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A million Christmas workers

23 Dec 2016, By

The arrival of the festive season is a well-deserved break for most of us from a busy year. It’s a good excuse to put our feet up, relax, indulge in our favourite food and drinks and spend it with loved ones. However, while so many of us will be tucking into our favourite Christmas lunches…

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The only connection between winter strikes is employers who won’t negotiate

20 Dec 2016, By

Following industrial action in Southern Rail, Post Offices and other companies over the last week, the usual suspects have been coming out to denounce strikes. Some Conservative backbenchers have called for new legislation to ban strikes in important industries. Some right wing commentators have been claiming the strikes are a co-ordinated campaign. These are some serious…

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Let’s talk about racism at work

14 Dec 2016, By

The increase in racist and xenophobic attacks post-Brexit created a public outcry and highlighted the fact that racism is still an issue in modern Britain.  This came as no surprise for many Black and Minority Ethnic workers (BME) who have experienced or live in fear of being subjected to racism. The TUC are launching an…

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