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08 Nov 2017, By

Stronger Unions is no longer publishing new content, as we’ve moved the TUC’s new blogs to our main website at Thanks for being a Stronger Unions reader over the years and we hope you will also find our new blogs as useful to you.

London’s mayoral candidates should take a lead on online voting in #TUbill

08 Jan 2016, By

Both of the front runners for the upcoming London Mayoral elections won their candidacies in votes that included voting via smartphones and computers. Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith’s ballot was entirely conducted online, with his Labour rival Sadiq Khan winning a combined postal/online ballot of party members. We think this means they should be willing to…

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The Tolpuddle Martyrs’ story as it happened, 180 years ago

14 Mar 2014, By

180 years ago this week, a process was set in train that saw the Tolpuddle Martyrs tried, convicted and deported to Australia for seven years for the ‘crime’ of forming a union. It’s a story that still speaks to people today, and in the South West TUC, we’re bringing it into the everyday lives of…

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Using social media: 5 practical suggestions for trade unions

02 Aug 2013, By

Increasingly social media has become part of unions’ organising strategy. More unions than ever now have a presence on a whole range of digital media; but we’re still learning to use these tools effectively in our work and activism. Here are my five practical suggestions for how unions and trade unionists could start to make…

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