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Uncertain Status – working on the edge. 23 July 2008

21 Jul 2008, By

The TUC is presenting a seminar on employment status and access to employment rights in the UK for workers in precarious employment.  It takes place on Wednesday 23 July 2008 at Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1. The seminar will look at the legal, economic and social policy context for those working on the edge, particular…

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Stronger unions at Tolpuddle

16 Jul 2008, By

I’ve never spoke to a meeting in a tent before, but this weekend I’ll get my chance.   I’m lucky enough to be speaking in the Martyrs Marquee at the Tolpuddle festival this weekend, talking about what we can do to build stronger unions. Michael Crosby, Elaine Bernard & Wilhemina Trout will also be speaking…

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Unions featured on Radio 4’s “You and Yours”

15 Jul 2008, By

Radio 4’s “You and Yours” programme features Trade Unions today.  If you can’t/weren’t able to listen live, follow the link below and you can “Listen Again” or even download a podcast.  

US Unions campaign for fairer routes to recognition

10 Jul 2008, By

US unions think that their current system for obtaining union recognition is broken beyond repair.  The Employee Free Choice Act is critical legislation that would help protect the rights of America’s workers to organize and form unions. The law would give more workers a way to form unions and negotiate for better wages, health care…

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Boris advocates a Living Wage!!!

10 Jul 2008, By

Spotted this on the Guardian website today.  Apparently London Mayor Boris Johnson is not only set to decree that no one employed by the GLA receives less than the London Living wage of £7.40 per hour but is also set to open talks with hotels to try and make sure that they are doing the same…

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Activist Academy Pilots

07 Jul 2008, By

The TUC is pleased to announce the dates of the Activist Academy pilot programmes.  If you are a union workplace rep or activist and are interested in developing your skills in campaigning and recruiting new members and activist then the Activist Academy could help. Reps and activists attending the Activist Academy will in addition to…

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NUJ reaches recognition finishing Post

25 Jun 2008, By

After 5 long years the NUJ has finally secured recognition at the Racing Post. This case had become a bit of a cause celebre as the Racing Post had managed to stave off recognition thanks to their ‘sweetheart agreement with the British Association of Journalists, a “union” that had, at most, one member at the…

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The US and us

10 Jun 2008, By

For the last couple of days I have been in Washington DC for a round-table seminar hosted by the  NLC and the Shanker Institute, and meetings with the AFL-CIO. Earlier this year the TUC and the AFL-CIO signed a joint protocol setting out how we can work together to tackle union busters, and so today’s…

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